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Asti's Garden Party Glam

If you've spent any time exploring #breastfeeding or #breastfeedingmumma on Instagram you've probably come across Aussie mum Asti Mary's posts from her account @niplashed_mumma. Asti's account of her breastfeeding journey with baby girl Arlo is heartwarming yet very real. She shares what breastfeeding products she uses, breastfeeding funnies, her day-to-day routines with Arlo, and even keeps a highlight reel showcasing what outfits she's currently breastfeeding in! Hint: most of her outfits are not maternity-specific... High five, mumma!

Asti's account @niplashed_mumma and her website Niplashed were born from her desire to support other women on their own breastfeeding journies and to also be an advocate in normalising breastfeeding in our society. Of course, Asti has plenty of tips for other mums looking for the perfect breastfeeding-friendly outfit:

"My favourite brand for breastfeeding friendly clothing would have to be Mombasa Rose. Their dresses are so beautiful and with so many elastic top or wrap dresses there are SO many breastfeeding-friendly options! My favourite is definitely the Bird Of Paradise Wrap Dress. It’s lightweight, bright and colourful, easy to feed in, wears nicely and looks great on any figure! Below is a photo of me in it, with my family at a garden party late last year. It was perfect! It even looked great while wearing my baby in her ring sling and feeding. So easy! My friend didn’t even realise I was feeding her. " -Asti

We love your look, Asti, and are super impressed with your breastfeeding-while-babywearing skills! If you love Asti's Mombasa Rose dress just as much as we do you can find it online here.

Inspired? Here are some other beautiful, breastfeeding-friendly options from Mombasa Rose. Click on each image for more information and to purchase from the Mombasa Rose website.

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