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Ebony + her t-shirt hack!

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

This clever mumma has gone DIY with her BFF and wants to share her t-shirt hack with you!

"Prior to my baby I was looking everywhere for breast feeding clothes! I could never find just simple, nice looking items that I think suited how I used to dress and what I'm used to dressing in. I also didn't want to spend a fortune, as obviously with a baby your budget, priorities and needs change. I only wanted to spend money on my boy. Anyway, what I found super easy and cheap was actually t-shirts from Big W and Kmart. I buy a size or two bigger than what I am. I then use scissors and cut a split up the middle and tie a knot. Now when I'm out in public I can untie the knot (literally one handed if you have bub in your arms), unclip my breast feeding bra and bub can slip under the flap of the t-shirt and no boob is exposed. Or you can gather the t-shirt split and put it up to cover your boob and bub's head is out. Super easy and cheap and I don't feel like anyone can see anything. I have nearly every colour and wear it with high-waisted shorts and skirts."

You are a genius, Ebony!

Best&Less have organic cotton t-shirts in a variety of styles of just $5 each! At that price you wouldn't feel too bad about cutting them up the middle. Remember to order a size or two larger than what you would usually wear to pull off Ebony's hack! Best&Less charge $10 flat rate shipping or $14 for express. Why not check out some other BFF we've found at Best&Less to make that postage worth your while? See our picks below!

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