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Jayme-Lee: Eco Mama

Want to change the world but don't know where to start? One country mama is inspiring others to do their bit for the environment by sharing her family's own eco-conscious journey.

Jayme-Lee, mama to gorgeous one year old Thea, lives in a small country town in western Victoria with her "wonderfully supportive partner". She is a self-proclaimed eco-enthusiast and, as her Insta followers on @another.day.as.thea would know, she loooves a cute lil' 'cloth butt'! Jayme-Lee and Thea are brand ambassadors for @the_nappybucket, @babybeehinds and @bloomingdesignsmcn, and encourage other families to make an eco choice and give modern cloth nappies a go.

Thea was a healthy and hungry newborn, gaining 1kg in her first month of life! Go Thea (and Jayme-Lee)!

"My breastfeeding journey began on the 25th of December 2018. Yep! My little pudding is in fact a Christmas pudding! Born a tiny 2.9kg, my not-so-little one gained 1kg a month for the first nine months of her life. Yep, 12kg! It hasn't been easy keeping up with that kind of supply and demand!"

As Jayme-Lee is a breastfeeding mama, she quickly discovered she needed the right wardrobe to keep her little one satisfied.

"Juggling a heavy, hungry baby was a hard enough feat on its own! I need my clothes to be quick access for feeding! Living in a remote country town my options were limited. Online shopping was my only real option. It was a real eyeopener to see most of the brands I'd known and loved didn't have options that were breastfeeding-friendly. No one wants to "just pull up their top" in the middle of a Victorian winter!"

We hear that, Jayme-Lee! Online shopping can be such a saviour, whether you live remotely or simply don't have the time or patience to brave the shops! Jayme-Lee says she often finds breastfeeding-friendly dresses at online boutique Petal & Pup (one of our favs too!). Check out the gorgeous dress she wore to Thea's first birthday party below!

"I recently wore a Petal & Pup dress to my daughter's first birthday and was so pleased to find my photographer had snapped a photo of our afternoon snack!"

We are loving the tie front/elastic neckline combo on this 'Katara' dress! What a dream!

Want to see more from Petal & Pup? Don't worry, we've done the searching for you! Below are all the best breastfeeding-friendly dresses, tops and playsuits available right now. Click on each image to see more information and to purchase from the Petal & Pup website (affiliate links).

Tired of searching for breastfeeding-friendly outfits from your favourite pre-pregnancy shops? We've got you, Mama! 

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