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Life with Jesse

She's a cardiac ward nurse, cheap eats blogger, midwifery student, partner, mother, and breastfeeding goddess. Welcome to Jesse's @lifewithbub.

What started as an anonymous mummy account has grown into a supportive community of women who have travelled with Jesse along the road to motherhood.

"My @lifewithbub account started when I was pregnant (the first time). It was a place where no one knew who I was and it become a great community of supportive and helpful women when I experienced a miscarriage and then fell pregnant with our boy."

@lifewithbub is essentially a photo journal that chronicles her daily adventures with her cheeky blue-eyed boy, Henry. Her photos are candid, heartwarming, and oozing with mother-son love. Take a peek at the hashtag #lifeofhenrycharles and no doubt you'll fall in love with Jesse's little off-sider (like we have)!

" Our pictures are rarely staged, they're a bit whatever. A lot of my photos lack quality but they have the cutest head in them (Henry), so I can't not upload them! I've thought many times about choosing a particular 'style' for my page, but it just doesn't work for us. I have no doubt though that our cheeky bubba will put a smile on every face!"

Like many new breastfeeding mums, Jesse quickly realised that much of her old wardrobe was now unwearable (bye bye, high necklines!). While she has a newfound love of buttons (don't we all?!), she finds it hard to part with her old wardrobe.

"I'd never call my clothing style amazing, but it definitely changed dramatically when I had a baby! I'm not sure my sister would say that it got any better... I was always one for simple, versatile pieces, and I'm still all about that. I have SO many clothes (bags, boxes, drawers, cupboards... my partners says I'm a hoarder!) but only a limited number of things I can currently wear. "
"My number one rule when it comes to choosing what to wear depends on how easily accessible it is for breastfeeding. Button up dresses and tops are life!"

We love Jesse's effortless, classic style that is still undoubtedly feminine. Love Jesse's style too? Then here are some pieces we think you'll like (and yes, Jesse, many have buttons!).

Want to see more of Jesse? You can also follow her cheap eats blog to see what she is chowing down on around the Sunshine Coast @sunshinecoasteatblog

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