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Miranda Mini Dress Review

Dressing room dilemmas and Britney analogies. I promise that there's a review of a breastfeeding-friendly dress in here somewhere!

I always feel hopeful when I enter a Cotton On store as, no matter what, I always seem to find something that I LOVE. But the road to love is not an easy road to travel. I wander around, feeling overwhelmed by all the choices and sale prices, grabbing armfuls of clothing and trying to make it to the change rooms without dropping coat hangers and accessories I KNOW I don't need (hello, 11th headscarf...) along the way. I attempt to wade through my choices in a logical way, but I always inadvertently grab the wrong size (AKA optimistically trying to fit into pre-baby sizes...) and spend half of my dressing room time with my head out the door trying to catch the attention of a staff member to grab me a different size. Then I get self-conscious about how long I'm taking, start rushing, and before I know it I've staggered out of the dressing rooms with very little clue about what actually suited me and what I should purchase. I take a couple of photos of clothing tags and blurred shots of fabric to help me remember what I had grabbed in my Cotton On frenzy, and hope that I can figure things out when I return to the calm of my own home. Sometimes it works and I jump online to buy an outfit later that evening, sometimes I don't. But you can be sure I'll be back at Cotton On again the following week, ready to be seduced by all its cotton-y goodness!

If you're still reading, thank you for lending me your ear and providing me with a safe space to share my Cotton On conundrums #bfflife #firstworldproblems.

My most recent trip to Cotton On was something else. Like pre-2007 Britney, this trip was successful! I must confess, I still believe that Cotton On gave me a sign. It hit me, baby, on the aisle! The 'Miranda' mini dress:

(For any of our Gen Z friends that might be a little confused by that last paragraph, Google Britney Spears. You're welcome.)

The first thing that drew me to Miranda was that tie front (OK, and the buttons, we know how much I like buttons). I just imagined how effortlessly I could untie the dress while keeping my six month old's body off the ground as she insists on flinging her body weight in different directions based on her fleeting fancies. Boy, does that tie front deliver! As the tie isn't really involved in the mechanics of keeping the dress together, you can tie it up quite loosely and untie it again with one hand. With the tie undone, you have plenty of room to access your breast and feed comfortably while keeping the other breast tucked away. I'd give this dress a 8/10 on the 'BFF Whip Factor' scale (10 being completely naked, of course...).

The dress is made from (surprise!) cotton, and is oh-so-soft on the skin. It hangs beautifully on my mama frame thanks to the light cotton lining from below the bust, meaning the world is also safe from this mama's VPL #nobuttflossinghere. I get the feeling that you'd need to be thoughtful about how you wash this little beauty though, as the weave feels so soft and light that I feel it may shrink if it gets too hot. Or, hedge your bets and size up because ain't nobody got time for reading washing labels! While we're on the topic of size, I tried on a large, which is what I've been wearing recently from Cotton On (approx. size 12). Miranda felt a little snug though (was that a sizing issue or all that sushi I ate?), so if in doubt I recommend sizing up. Also, keep in mind that I'm only 163cm tall, so when Cotton On call this a mini dress they mean it!

The dress comes in three different colours. I tried on the cream and black. What do you think? Which do you prefer?

I had already made a BFF purchase on this shopping trip, so against my better judgement I left Cotton On without Miranda. I shouldn't have let it go, and now it's out of sight. Well... not really (again, Gen Z-ers, Google Britney). Thank goodness for online shopping. You guys better get to the website before I do, because I need Cotton On to... (sing it with me!) HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME!

If you'd like to see more information about the Miranda dress, click here to visit the Cotton On website (affiliate link).

Yours in BFF,

Hayley x

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