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Myriam Shirt Dress Review

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

The first thing that drew me to the 'Myriam' dress was the buttons. Oh, glorious BFF, how I love buttons. After a quick inspection to check that they were indeed functional buttons (I've been duped before), I added two of them to my shopping cart: one pink, one white because #YOLO (and, more to the point for this thrifty mama, they were 30% off for Black Friday). It also came in yellow, and costs $19.99 at full price. I planned to keep only one of the dresses and return the other to my local Temt store for a refund, so I figured I had nothing to lose. In fact, upon reflection, I should have bought a couple more items to qualify for free shipping over $55, and returned them to the store for a refund too!

I ordered the dresses on Sunday, they were dispatched on Tuesday, and I received them on Thursday. Pretty efficient! *high five Temt*

Here's what the dresses look like on the Temt website. Click on the images below to see them from a few different angles.

Now, what you're seeing here is neatly pressed fabric draping effortlessly over a gorgeous model's body. While I'd like to think that the fabric draped effortlessly over my mummy frame, what was missing was the 'neatly pressed fabric' part. Guys, unless you are #blessed like me and have a wonderful mother-in-law who insists on doing your ironing every week, maybe take a few moments to consider if you're willing to commit to Myriam's ironing needs. I show you the below 'unpressed' photo because, for many of you, ain't nobody got time for ironing. But, you do you. Maybe the slightly scrunched look makes it look even more effortless, as in, no effort applied? You decide.

UNIRONED VS IRONED. And yes, I would like to take the credit for whipping out the iron in this instance. Thank you, thank you everyone.

The photo online showed the dress to be made from what appeared to be perhaps a linen-type material, which I know to be quite flattering on this postpartum body of mine, but the description said it was a rayon/nylon blend. While it's definitely not as thick as linen, it does still hang quite nicely, if I do say so myself. Ten points though if you can tell me the colour of my knickers, as she's a little see through, more so in the white version!

What I LOVE about the Myriam dress though are the buttons (did I mention this before?!). They are large, easy to undo one-handed, and there is plenty of room to pull the unbuttoned top section to the side for comfortable feeding. The fabric would also slide easily back across your breast once you're finished feeding so that you can sort out bub and clip your bra back up without having your breast exposed to the world. This dress is very breastfeeding-friendly!

The last thing I wanted to mention was the length. Now, I'm a short lass, only 163cm tall and this dress sat just above my knee. However if you have longer legs than me you may run into a little trouble with the high sides of the dress. On these stubby legs you could see halfway up my thigh, so taller gals may like to wear their favourite knickers out so that at least you won't be too embarrassed if you have a 'Marilyn Moment' while wrestling your pram into the boot of the car.

For those of you playing along at home, I decided to keep the pink dress (no way was I returning it after the effort I put into ironing it!) and will return the white dress to the store for a refund.

If you'd like to check out the Myriam dress on the Temt website, click here.

Yours in BFF,

Hayley x

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